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that SYSTEM is our enemy.

Don't make this personal. I'm talking about a chosen occupation. Not a race or religion. Most of them know not what they do. The aren't taught Law in law school - the are taught procedure. Do this over and over until you get it down smooth and business keeps moving along. Fleece the sheep as fast as possible. It's a game. Prosecutor says 10... your Attorney says 2. You say "but my rights were violated" - your attorney says "there's no way 'we' (as if he cares about you) can win this case... I can possibly get him to plea bargain you to 6 months and 3 years probation...

"but my rights were violated."

Attorneys only defend your constitutional rights in the movies or in a few select high profile cases just to keep everyone from figuring out the game is rigged.

Money from the people -> Attorneys -> Lobbyists -> Legislation -> More rights are perceived to go poof while our education system continues to go down the drain. Dumber people are more profitable for Attorneys.

The SPLC attack on sovereign men and women is about MONEY. We don't TRUST their Attorneys (SPLC is a group of Attorneys) and prefer to stand on our own two feet and study the law in our own matters because we believe we have the most to lose and therefore the most incentive to win the case.