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Yes or No Help

"Birch person who was supportive of the Perot campaign, but not that aspect. Did you know about Ross Perot wanting a con con?"

I was both a member of the John Birch Society and United We Stand (Ross Perot Group), and a Constitutional Convention is certainly a good thing if done with Transparency by true Representatives of Voluntary Associations.

The Con Con (confidence scheme con game) that happened in 1787 was a censored, Gag Ordered, closed door, dirty compromise, and Crime being made Legal by Criminals who volunteered to be Criminals and then they "volunteered" all their targeted victims to be slaves.

You, again, can't find another person on Planet Earth able to write that last sentence, but a Modern Day Patrick Henry, or George Mason can confirm the actual fact of the matter.




You tell me.

A Congress meets to solve the Enemy Foreign and Domestic Problem, and when the Congress decides on action, they decide to create a Democratic Federated Republic, and it works, and the enemies are no longer paid so well, both foreign and domestic.

What is the problem of a Congress having a meeting to solve a problem?

You tell me.

"I pay taxes in order not to offend them, because if I offend them, I will smart for it. I am saving my own skin. Human nature?"

So long as you see that it is evil, you will work to solve that problem, and so long as other people think that it is good, to invest in this type of investment, then it will persist, as it was designed that way to persist, as the slaves (Stockholm Syndrome) are MADE to succumb to Absolute Abject Believe in Falsehood Without Question.

Even that masters suffer the same fate.

That is all in Scripture as far as I can understand Scripture, so far, and with your welcome help.

"And all of that can be accomplished if we will but create our own money. But the conditioning to use Caesar’s money is too great. So we stand at the machine even when we could liberate ourselves?"

You are so far along, so far from where you were, that in my opinion, pretending to be teacher, you get an A+ with extra credit for that message, and it stands as a message without having anything to do with you. You can be totally absent, and the message remains POWERFUL. Because you wrote it, is it not proof of you earning credit?

"Yes, that is why we must take those positions of power. Ron Paul wanted us to do it by taking over the Party called the GOP. Or to do what we want to do toward the goal of Liberty, as I remember him saying we all have different interests."

Around the time I found The John Birch Society, Ludwig Von Mises, Ros Perot, Alex Jones, I also found Ron Paul, so the omission is thankfully no longer omitted.

Ron Paul is the genuine thing that the Legal Criminals would like to Counterfeit, but there is no way that they can, because doing so would surrender their power of deceit.

"Thank you Joe, for another Lesson in Liberty."

I will check out those links posted, to see if I can invent some worthy sentences to publish. I can also tell you that I have a new step taken in the book project, having possibly sent in a usable .pdf Book Cover file to Book Masters.

I can send you the book cover file via e-mail if you want to approve it, or see it, it is large because they demand hi pixel counts for printing purposes.

Let me know.