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Yes wealth is abundant

"So, I am tossing out connected dots to you that have absolutely no research or validation, but just an theory of mine that has been forming over the last day or so."

I listened to one Linda Thomson Interview and found a treasure in the advice of knowing that our enemies (foreign and domestic) are fearful of people who have command of their own minds, and at the same time those people having command of their own minds are not fearful of those Legal Criminals.

I fall into that category, more so each day, because I am less fearful, and I am more in command of my own mind.

I have to tell you a story though, and this is personal, but I have to tell someone, and why not tell everyone in a Public Forum?

I was so distracted by seeing my wife's underwear as she got out of the car, she is losing weight, getting back on track, feeling a whole word better, and I just noticed a different pattern on the underwear visible as she get's out of the car. I did not even shut the car off, nor get the keys. We went into the Grocery Store, and on our way out I am fumbling for the keys. The car was in the parking lot, engine running, lights on, all the time we went in to get my wife's new diet food for dinner.

I am now cooking "on sale" T bone stakes for my son and I, and BBQ chicken for my daughter and her boyfriend.

Life is good, and that is another thing that moves Ron Paul so far from any counterfeit version of Ron Paul, if any were to dare to try to counterfeit the example who sets the bar so high.

Not Jesus, not God, no Glory, just Common Sense in Modern Times; despite the depleted demand for it.

"I think they are very wary that opposition is always in the process of being lead. He and Linda Thompson seem to be coming up with several "plants" in the Davidian Church."

I think that the Survivors were all plants of some measure. I actually talked to one of them. I had asked one question. I think I told you about this before.

Cooper dying sounds a lot like my friend Bill Foust dying of gun shot wounds from a gun his taxes paid for, and his taxed paid for the bullets, etc.

"I missed being about to discuss, but I couldn't even think or muster any energy."

Now you have many competitive paths I can go on, offered up for anyone else too. Thanks.

"Divide and conquer?"

Of course. Men against Women is the most lethal, and they are working on that too, for that reason.

Religion, true religion, is like true science, it has to be eliminated because it is in direct competition with the Single Legal Money Power: and all that must go with it.