Comment: 'They are taxing us to death' - Leah Cole, 2013 primary victory!

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'They are taxing us to death' - Leah Cole, 2013 primary victory!

Leah Cole, Republican Candidate for Massachusetts State Representative, 2013. Victory Pose, 2013.
“I think they are taxing us to death,” she said. By “us” she means residents and local businesses. She said the gas tax hike “would be devastating to the working class” and that instead, state officials need to keep a tight rein on the budget.

“What really…made me want to run was the governor’s proposal to increase taxes by $1.9 billion and…we already have some of the highest taxes in the country. I don’t think that people on fixed incomes, young families, working families, people going to school – we just can’t afford another income tax increase,” Cole said.

... she knocks on doors across Peabody..., many voters are concerned at the prospect of their taxes going up yet again. It’s also worth noting the majority of Peabody voters are unaffiliated with a political party.

'Slash wasteful spending'

Cole says the way forward is to “slash wasteful spending” on Beacon Hill and/or restructure inefficient agencies to free up more money to return to cities and towns for local aid, which would further reduce the burden on taxpayers. She also wants to see less “red tape” for businesses in order to spur growth.

MTA ... privatize the transit system.

Education, healthcare and working together

On the overall cost of healthcare, Cole still believes in the market. “I believe in the free market and I think the demand will dictate the prices. I think the less control the state has over things, it’s healthier for the market and prices,” she said.

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