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Bitcoin will never be

Bitcoin will never be finished unless something happens to the code itself. People will always use it to gamble, buy drugs, porn and other things. The price itself doesn't even matter.

It's impossible for any good to be used as currency, if there are no people who want to hold the good over a longer time. If everybody only wants to use Bitcoins for payment, but not hold it, the price inflation rate of BC will rise to such a high amount, that your Bitcoins are completely worthless a few seconds after you got them.
This is because there are nearly all available Bitcoins as supply on the market, at any time, if nobody wants to hold them.

As far as losing if prices rise, that is simply not true. Mining equipment and electricity costs are actually becoming cheaper and will continue to do.

I didn't say that mining equipment and electricity aren't becoming cheaper.
However, in which way does this affect the difference between gold and Bitcoin mining, which I described? If electricity becomes cheaper, the individual mines still less when Bitcoin prices rise. But the gold miner mines the same when gold prices rise.

More than that, the Bitcoin miner even won't profit from electricity becoming cheaper. Because cheaper production costs means more miners and that means again less mining for the individual...

In general, Bitcoin adjusts the production costs of BC to the actual market price of itself, instead of letting the market work.

Socialsim? really? lol

There is a certain amount of Bitcoins mined every x minutes. This amount is divided among all miners. If the number of miners changes, there is still the same amount of Bitcoins created every x minutes. It's impossible to increase the supply, you can only affect the distribution.
Now, what's your definition of socialism? The scenario above fits mine very well...