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Not just Wall Street, the

Not just Wall Street, the Rothschild's (Bank of England) funded them too.

After WWI, the German economy totally collapsed. Their money was only good for helping to start fires, just to keep warm. But somehow, some way they were able to rebuild in less than 2 decades, and produced one of the largest, most sophisticated military machines the world has ever seen.

That's not possible without playing, "Let's make a deal," with the banking boys who like to control both sides.

The international bankers have funded both sides of every single major war since 1776....

Why do they do this? So many reasons I'm sure, but one thing really stuck out to me this past weekend after watching, "The Bloody History of Communism," on youtube.

WE KNOW they fund both sides. WE KNOW they let things happen on purpose...but why do the puppet masters do what they do?

From a strategic, military point of view I must say that the socialist/communist ideology Western bankers have helped implement in Russia, China, South America, etc. was THE most powerful weapon they could ever fund and unleash on their enemies.

Want to destroy your enemy? Give them a little Red Book. Communism spreads, and it kills. In other words, I think Western bankers funded the Nazi socialists, and the Russian communists because it was like putting a stick of dynamite in their trousers.

Why did they fund Lenin (communist) and Hitler (socialist)?

Because the ideology of Marxism is more powerful and destructive than any nuclear weapon. Marx and Engels were funded by the tools of implementing an ideology of destruction.

It's a weapon...and they use it to keep their enemies weak.

Obama is a big warning sign, with a big O, and a rising sun.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.