Comment: Russia would have defeated

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Russia would have defeated

Russia would have defeated Germany...might have taken them a few years longer. Russia would now be the World's policeman and the Ruble would be the world's reserve currency. Meanwhile in the US without the massive redirection of wealth and industry America would have continued with a constitutional government(more so than now anyway) and would have become a massive technology and industrial giant. All the capital misallocated toward the MIC would still be in the private sector. Technologies we cant even imagine would have been developed and we would make the best products in the world. Our nuclear technology might have been delayed a year or two but would have been perfected sooner. The US would have a yearly trade surplus, with Russia and China as our main customers. The US dollar would retain and possibly even gain in strength. We never would have seen the need to go off the gold standard internationally. Poverty would be greatly reduced. We wouldnt be sending hundreds of billions to other countries in foreign aid. The list goes on, war is ALWAYS destructive and NEVER constructive....World War II and the resulting policeman of the world status have cost us most of what this country was under the vision off the founding fathers...if you cant see that, I dont even know what to say. It would be Russia on the verge of collapse due to over expansion...not us.