Comment: Tried clicking on the link from work, "Virus Detected."

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Tried clicking on the link from work, "Virus Detected."

Virus Detected

Virus detected and blocked
[My employer] blocks Web sites which contain inappropriate content, those that contain malicious code, and those that provide services that may be unsafe to the [My employer] network and or its resources.

Virus filtering is implemented any time a website has been compromised. When the site is no longer infected, the block will be removed and access to the site will be restored.

Categories: Malicious Sites
Virus Name:
Proxy: wp-blv-08

Look up site information in TrustedSource.

If access to this site is required for [My employer] business and you think it has been blocked in error, please contact Security Monitoring and Response via email:Click here


So, where it says "Virus name" is blank, therefore, I guess it's blocked for inapropriate content? I agree! It is totally inapropriate for the TSA to dump someones grandfathers ashes on the floor. That is totally inapropriate behavior by a power happy uniformed thug!