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Your whole post made me LOL.

Your whole post made me LOL. For various reasons. Articulating two of them will suffice for my purposes.

"corrupt elites wouldn't have to spend trillions on propaganda as a means to divide and conquer the world's people."

First, this is a HUGE-a$$ assumption on your part here (on various levels). Are you in the minds of all those "corrupt elites" to say definitively that they all share the common goal of "dividing and conquering the world's people"? Did they get together at a round-table and lay that out as the ultimate aim? Was this on the agenda for aforementioned meeting, a copy of which you happened upon and wish to share with the DP community?

Of course not. Your vast and overly simplified conspiracy is more reasonably attributable to a complex confluence of selfish interests among big and small players alike. Only in your mind MUST there be a singular goal among all of these individuals "to divide and conquer the world's people."

Which brings me to the second of the points I will articulate:

Your comment, while openly calling into question the assertion of the OP, only goes to serve as perfect evidence for it.


I love me some irony.