Comment: It is too bad. But every

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It is too bad. But every

It is too bad. But every unmoderated forum on the internet eventually devolves into cliques running the show, especially if there's a way for people to downvote or "neg" each other's posts.

Another feature of large internet forums is they're a honeypot for some of the weirdest people on the planet who are obsessed with certain topics. The more popular the forum, you don't get normal people talking casually and rationally about a subject, you get the most extreme ones. I was thinking for a while that it's like they're in a competition for who can come up with the wackiest new conspiracy theories, but I'm starting to think they believe them and it's just a matter of the site attracting some of the .0001% or whatever of people worldwide who are like that.

Alex Jones contributes some good info, but at times he seems to leap to conclusions, and I think a lot of people on here try to imitate him. Sometimes things come about not because of a great elaborate plan to do so but just because things came together and nobody really had an interest in stopping the weird path the various interests collectively pushed events down.

Personally I'm mostly interested in Austrian economics. I tried starting economic threads, to no avail. So although there are a number of brilliant people on this site who do make great posts, I'm losing interest in wading through the rest, and I plan on spending that time reading more economics books instead.