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entire Wenzel vs Kinsella IP debate has reinforced, what Rothbard stated, that there are a lot of libertarians that are bad people. Some of the vile, hurtful comments that I've read from those commenting on blog posts on EPJ and Kinsella's site reminds that you do not have to be a decent person to understand the principles of liberty.
In my opinion, both Wenzel and Kinsella embarrassed themselves during the debate. The turned a worthwile discussion into a personal vendetta. IP is an important topic and I have gained quite an education in IP by listening to the debate, but the arrogance displayed by so many on each side has been disgusting.
Although, this ugly debate has reminded me that I need to remain calm during discussion or debates I have with those outside of the liberty movement.
Thank you for posting. It is insane for anyone to pretend that Rothbard would endorse IP regulated by the State.