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New Section: Virgin Coconut Oil

(I've placed a link for this section in both the "Fundamental nutritional support" and "Detoxification" categories.)

Note I: Even high quality virgin coconut oil may not be allowed with some cancer therapies. Refer to your cancer therapy to see which fats and oils are permissible. For example, cold pressed flaxseed oil is the only oil the Gerson Therapy allows.
Note II: Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is the highest quality virgin coconut oil product produced by Tropical Traditions.
Note III: Some nutritional types cannot handle a lot of fats in their diet so always tailor any advice to your own situation. Some people consume it by the tablespoon, others can only handle a teaspoon or less per day, and others cannot tolerate it at all. Coconut oil can cause a detox reaction caused by the "die-off" of harmful bacteria, viruses, or parasites so start with a small amount initially, then gradually increase that amount. - " is the Internet’s oldest resource for published research on the health benefits of coconut oil. Beginning in the year 2000, we have been the main source of information linking to peer-reviewed research on coconut oil as well as publishing coconut oil testimonials showing how coconut oil has changed people’s lives."

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