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Comment: "Guilt" is certainly the word that has gotten traction, but...

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"Guilt" is certainly the word that has gotten traction, but... my opinion, it's just good old-fashioned peer pressure.
Ironically, to me, the most costly divide comes from insisting we all get along.
Races are like music genres. Some you like. Some you don't.
All have some exceptions to your rule. This is real freedom of choice.

I have no problem with strangers making assumptions about me
based off my race. Isn't assumption a cornerstone of common sense?

Until there are enough hours in the day to get to know everyone satisfactorily,
we are all, for better or worse, stuck with the reputation of the groups we
are members of, voluntarily or involuntarily. It's up to the individuals within a group
to define by their actions how that group will be perceived by others. That's taking personal responsibility.

Sorry. Deviated a bit. Just thought I'd share what you're not supposed to say.