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How Buttcoin works

How it works:
-123 million Buttcoins are created and distributed one per U.S. household. Initial value $1.
-Every minute 100 Buttcoin get 'flushed' from the system - destroyed, gone forever.
-As Buttcoin disappear from the network the remaining Buttcoin naturally increase in value.
-The increasing value, coupled with the threat that your Buttcoin may get flushed at any moment, causes people to want to spend their Buttcoin as quickly as possible.
-The rate of Buttcoin destruction decreases proportionately with the number of Buttcoin still in existence until June 17, 2268 when the second-to-last Buttcoin existing will be flushed, leaving just one. As the holder of this final Buttcoin will have wealth enough to own the world they shall be declared 'winner'.

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