Comment: Jobs are out there

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Jobs are out there

I still get calls from the last time I went job hunting about three years ago. I try not to be rude, but it is getting annoying. The company that I work for now had laid me off, but they brought me back in when sales picked back up. I tell recruiters that I will only consider positions that pay 150% of what I make now and are within a half-hour commuting distance of where I live now.

The place I work for now is often looking for welders and fabricators. I don't know what they pay those people, but it must be decent. The fact is that a lot of small manufacturers are in the same position as the one in the video. There is a mismatch between the skills required for the jobs that are available and the skills of the unemployed.

A college education is not really necessary for a lot of the jobs out there, but it can help in certain circumstances. I have found my education to be helpful in my career, but I got a degree in engineering. I often wonder what these people who went for a literature or history degree were thinking. I'm not saying that literature and history are not important, but rather that too many people thought that they could get a tenured position at a university when very few of these positions are actually available.

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