Comment: James Ellroy's Underworld USA Trilogy

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James Ellroy's Underworld USA Trilogy

is a "fictionalized" history of the time period 1958-1973.

I put fictionalized in quotes because overall, it conveys
an underground account of what really likely happened
in that time period. Ellroy, I think, has the history down
but opted to fictionalize it enough to save on lawsuits, have
the books reach a wider audience and to enhance his prospects
of continuing to breathe.

The second book of the series "The Cold Six Thousand" goes
into the Robert Kennedy and MLK assassinations showing
convincingly the process of setting up Sirhan and James
Earl Ray as patsies.

I saw Robert Kennedy speak in Oregon just a couple weeks
before he died and he did what (I didn't know until recently)
was usual for him - when he finished speaking, he just waded
out into the crowd greeting and shaking hands - on that occasion
the crowd was only a couple hundred people in a grocery store
parking lot.

The night he was killed though, having just won the California
primary, he was told by his security people that he *shouldn't*
do that due to a security threat - and was escorted directly to his
waiting "lone wacko" assassin...