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Amash's father has never been

Amash's father has never been in politics, so I don't know what you're talking about there.

Rand endorsed his father when his father ran for president. A few days prior to the Kentucky Republican Convention, Rand endorsed Mitt Romney, as by that time, Ron Paul had no chance of winning the Republican nomination and Ron's campaign team had shown signs that they did not expect or intend to win by that point.

Yes, Amash does have a big brother, his name is Paul Ryan. Amash's friendship with Ryan is very similar to Rand's with McConnell. The only difference is that McConnell has in fact helped Rand greatly in getting Rand's legislation a vote on the floor and often even endorsing some of Rand's legislation. Ryan never really helped and at one point even backstabbed Amash, yet Amash kept coming back to him.

Amash's positions on the issues are almost identical to Rand's.