Comment: But Amash is a REPUBLICAN

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But Amash is a REPUBLICAN

And that means, REPUBLICANS like me, are going to be going to committee meetings and conventions and pushing for Rand (no disrespect to Amash.. he's ours too.. just politically speaking, in the GOP, OUR party, Rand is going to get the support.

And that means, all those who are not part of the GOP, I guess we'll watch them wave signs at the conventions?

To me, Amash is being pushed as a SPOILER by those who HATE the GOP, "they liked Ron Paul, but refused to join the GOP. They would rather watch others get broken bones fighting FOR Ron Paul's massage then help.. and now they push Amash.. and some are friends (people I care about).

So, MY Dear (((((((((Friends))))))))),

I did not agree with Ron Paul 100% in the beginning. I had to read, study, debate, admit I was wrong when I was, and put my spoils into persective as I did what Ron Paul asked, become a delegate (to become a delegate you had to join the GOP).

While I don't have a history with the GOP to talk about the diffence between conventions, I know what I saw at the convention was a difference. Republican Liberty Caucus room was full. It's like being on DP in real life. I think Rob Hino should begin sponsoring tables at conventions.

Rand has earned respect, and that works out great for us. When is Amash going to have his fillabuster so we can talk about him as something more than "in the wings"? Why do you insist on helping our enemies within the GOP?