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Comment: Religion Defining War?

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Religion Defining War?

The Link on the Vietnam War reminds me of the same old tactic where the thief yells "Thief" and the thief points in a direction away from the thief as the thief steals something.

There must be a genuine version of the thing being counterfeited, and in the case of the False Front where the thief yells "Thief" the genuine version is a person who is expending the risk, time, cost, energy, and power to warn other people about a crime in progress.

What is the purpose of true religion? Is it a crime in progress if people are being led into miserable lives, and if it is true, then they are also being led into miserable afterlives?

Those doing the leading, I can say the Top Ten leaders of Legal Crime, whoever they are, aught not be followed, and specifically aught not be followed with Absolute Abject Belief In Falsehood Without Question.

So some people have actually stopped following orders without question, such as, for example Martin Luther.

That is one example.

So who are the counterfeiters? If they are really good at it then you won't ever peel away that last layer of the onion they create with all their False Fronts.


OK, I can entertain that evidence, and some people actually find their names, the name of the worst on the list, according to some people, is The Black Pope, and that position has a person occupying it, like like the high profile Pope, in his glass bubble.

Someone so close to God, supposedly, no longer walks among God's Children, instead this Godly person drives around in a Assassination Proof Car?

If people believe that they owe this National Debt to the Legal Criminals who borrowed that money, then what LIE is too BIG for them to not believe?

What POWER is at work that makes a person believe that War is good for the economy?

Not even defensive war: as if it is always a first choice, at the drop of a hat, to Unleash the Dogs of War (defensive), because there is no alternative but to profit by that choice?

No, the belief now is War for Money is the first choice, and that is called Empire. We are now the Nazis, with a different Flag, and better liars, higher paid liars, and better torturers running the show, and better Serial Killers, the best that money can buy.

What lie will We The People fail to believe on cue, since torture is now legal in America?

Ask anyone, start asking, and do that for going on 3 decades, there are fewer people stone dead to the brutal facts now, compared to the booming days of American Dollar Hegemony; and that is on schedule.

The most powerful among us, employ the power of deception, and they are good at it, look at how much they pay themselves with the earnings they steal.

Simple math, a child can see, so what is in our future if we merely face the facts?

See the facts, discuss the facts, and that is how we win, the curtain is pulled back, and the little weak lying sociopath is right there behind the curtain pulling the strings with the Legal Money Monopoly Power.

As far as The Dollar Hegemony is concerned that little man is Ben Bernanke and he is the King of all the Welfare Queens, leading the way, making slaves of everyone, with lies, just like Abraham Lincoln. You don't like your Master, then send me everything I ask for, and I will solve your slave problem.

Where do I sign?

"The other thing about those Bill Cooper interviews...he talks about the hegelian conflict and that there is NO leader of any patriot movement."

Cooper was a typical, competitive, leader of the patriot movement, so was Linda Thomson, so is Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and Ron Paul. So is Rand Paul.

We are all connected to the Legal Money Monopoly Power, so we all work for that one small group, in one way or another, it is all connected, in some way. That is the point at which those who no longer can afford to be victims figure out how to follow the leadership, the true leadership, the real deal, is not one person, the true leadership is external to individuals.

You have your way of seeing that true leadership. I have my way, internally, we can't be anything but internal beings, individual human beings, we are, but the path away from Legal Crime is what it is external to each of us, common to all of us, and some of us see it better than others, so what do we do about that fact?

Generously offer a competitive viewpoint.

If it is better, if it is a better viewpoint, then it is closer to the truth, more accurate, and that is true leadership.

What is being counterfeited by the False Leaders?

What is the opposite direction to the direction that the False Leaders are leading the thoughts and actions of everyone connected to those False Leaders with their Legal Money Monopoly Power?

A person is found guilty of denying the holocaust, so named, but not defined, and that person is punished with years in prison?

That is in Germany.

This link next is a book I read, and a book worth reading:

I found that book because I have a life long interest in World War II Air Combat, an interest that started when our family of boys began making model airplanes. The Author of the book is a German Air Force Pilot named Johannes "Macki" Steinhoff. The book is a collection of witness testimonies concerning life in Germany while the Political and Economic Power of that False Government (Financed by Wall Street) turned to Empire (Legal Crime) and then was crushed by Empire (Legal Crime).

Human beings speaking their minds, confessing, or deceiving themselves, or deceiving the readers, who knows, I don't. We here in U.S.A. (Legal Crime) have witnessed, live on Television, another example of a specific Holocaust.


I have not gone back through my own copies of Linda (formerly Thompson) Abrams' Waco the Big Lie and Waco the Big Lie Continues to find that part in the video where the church members (targeted as cult members) held out a bed sheet from a second story window in their church (targeted as a compound), and on that bed sheet (if I remember right) there was a warning written that said "you are next".

After an Empire is crushed by the new, better, Empire, on schedule, the former Empire witnesses, tax payers, victims, whatever word works in any individual case, are guilty of a crime if they dare to question the official, well paid, lies, that they finance with their earnings.

Looking ahead, if things proceed along the obvious, accurately measurable, schedule, and the new Empire, which is the new location for The Legal Money Monopoly Power, also known as The World Reserve Currency, that new Empire, moving to China, that new Empire, when National Debt needs to be collected, must be collected, to finance that new Empire, when that happens, which Holocaust must never be denied then, and if anyone dares deny it then, will the punishment be light or heavy for failing to obey without question?