Comment: Why not Gardening and Mechanics?

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Why not Gardening and Mechanics?

If/when (?) I have kids, I'll most likely home school them till middle-or-high school. Even having them those first 6 years would be enough to give them a strong foundation.

However, even though I agree with "home school freedom" as the Dr. may put it, it seems that most home schoolers here simply focus on politics and history (albiet, great subjects to get straight).

To me, the promise of home schooling is to have my kid out in the garden with me in the morning, learning about science and nature and health. Using their body instead of sitting in a chair all day.

Gamified education (khan acadamy, code acadamy, duolingo, even free ed. like EdX) will make any "sit down at a computer" time that much more productive. I'd figure I could help my kid get through most high school requirements by the age of 10 (I was doing advanced arithmetic at 6, if I had a free education I bet I could have had trig. done by age 10 easy).

I want my kid to know how to grow their own food more so than I want to teach him (or her) about Austrian economics.

Jack Wagner