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Ayn was pretty close in a lot

Ayn was pretty close in a lot of ways, but she missed much of the moral and historical sourcing for principles of liberty. Fortunately, the founders knew of the source, and searched out its causes and effects.
Personal liberty == Economic liberty
Empires always ALWAYS set themselves before a higher ideal. It is necessary to confine a people, to confine economics. So, the founders researched the only successful historic free economy they could find. Guess where they found it...
Guess why empires have hated the peoples of that historic long-lasting, continually recurring, free economy...
Guess why they seek to dispel one "myth" with several of their own...
(Spoiler alert!)
To CONTROL economies, to obtain and/or retain a ruling class, to stop (dam) upward mobility, to subject others. The... uh... THE monotheistic traditions, even if you insist they are mere crutches, are taught by the long dead peoples of Economic Freedom (and therefor Personal Freedom).
Everyone has a religion. It is ideal which provides their daily motivations and perspectives. Everyone has a God or god, it is what they look to and seek.
Why, oh WHY, if you are in pursuit of Liberty, would you antagonize those who would be your ally in that cause--When their personal views are beside the point.
--Besides, Much of what the guy says can be verified by records of the would-be emperors, as they explain their methodology--Even if taken purely as a study of sociology, rather than theology.

We may be dumb as sheep, but we herd like cats, and are more clever than monkeys. What sane person would think us cattle?