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It seems you don't fully

It seems you don't fully understand what I want to tell you.

I never said that the Bitcoins are divided up between all miners.
However, if there are 25 Bitcoins created every 10 minutes no matter how many miners participate in the mining process, the average time to create Bitcoins (=production costs) for the individual increases with the number of participants. This is simply because the probability to earn these 25 Bitcoins decreases when there are more miners.

...and even then its divided up proportional to how much power they gave to the block.

More power means also more production costs for the individual. If the algorithm adjusts it complexity in such a way that the production costs of one BC always approaches the actual market price, your profit approaches to zero. There is no profit for miners in the long run. They can only lose. That's the whole thing I wanted to tell you.