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What I Believe, Confess, and Hope For - Part 2: The Gospel

The Gospel of Christ: A Love Story

God, who rules over all things, created our world, and it was good. Mankind turned to wickedness, however, and the world became corrupted by evil and death. When the appointed time came, God the Father sent his Son into the world, so that the Son could marry the bride the Father had chosen for him. Taking on human flesh, the Son was born in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago; he was given the name Jesus ("the Lord saves"), and would become known as the Christ ("anointed one").

Jesus grew up, lived a holy and sinless life, supernaturally blessed many, and taught God's wisdom to the people. Jesus was opposed by the religious leaders of his day, however, and was eventually condemned and executed. While tragic and unjust, his death was neither pointless nor accidental; rather, Jesus sacrificed himself to redeem his bride, the Church, from sin, death, and the judgment of God, for he died in her place.

After his death and burial, Jesus performed the greatest of his many miracles: He rose from the dead, defeating the power of the grave. He then ascended back to his Father in heaven, before whom he now continually intercedes for his Church; the time will soon come when he returns to call his Church to himself. Christ is inheriting his Father's kingdom, and the Church will reign beside him as his queen. Their rule will never end, and their marriage will grow ever stronger, richer, and deeper throughout all eternity.

The Church, the bride of Christ, includes every Christian in every time and place. We were all under God's condemnation because of our evil thoughts, words, and actions (and because of our failure to do what is right); when God grants us repentance and faith in Christ, however, our sins are washed away. Christ died to make his Church holy, and so we, too, become holy when we become part of his Church; this involves the Spirit of God bringing new life into our hearts, providing us with eyes to see and ears to hear, and giving us a love for, and a trust in, him and his inspired, infallible Bible.

As Christians, we worship God together, are transformed by his love and grace, and are forgiven when we fall short of his perfect standard. When we die, Christ welcomes us to our eternal, heavenly home. We eagerly await the day when God resurrects our bodies, for we will then forever experience Christ's love in all its fullness. This is our destiny.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand