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Divide and conquer has been

Divide and conquer has been going on since Jesus was a bus boy. The same money changers have financed both sides of every major war in recent history. I can't imagine a bigger divide than war. The Democrats and Republicans are a pretty good example with wedge issues such as abortion always coming up when divide is needed yet year after year nothing changes.

To your question of common goal? No they have many tactics such as creating a problem (crises) and then offer the solution. Using a crises to accomplish goals that could otherwise never be accomplished. Without 911 or Sandy Hook none of the liberty taking laws would have passed (or been accepted).

Do they get together at Round Tables? Yes! Most notably: Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and the list goes on and on.

I understand what was meant by we have common values of right and wrong. These days it appears those lines are being blurred more and more. Bombing and killing is now okay in the name of democracy. Christmas must be x-mas, can't say Easter bunny yet must tolerate everything else. Think about if the NFL comes out of the closet on national TV but, in a school you can't use the word Easter Bunny! Morals are being turned upside down.