Comment: I was not clear enough in my response

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I was not clear enough in my response

I said that the belief that Ron Paul has upheld his principles is similar to the belief that Messiah rose from the dead. As you point out they are both based on eyewitness evidence.

You implied that my argument was based on a long chain of hearsay witnesses and also that it was based on suspect organizations. I did not say either one. (The history of the Hierarchy in the church, and how they persecuted both those who differed in their own rank, and those who made a faith claim other than that of Christianity, is granted! And mourned.)

The same logic and reason that prove Ron Paul's integrity have convinced logical people that the resurrection is the best explanation of the evidence, both evidence from the Gospels themselves and evidence from secular sources. (These reasonable people include those who were actually opposed to the gospel, starting from James and Paul and, continuing to this day, C.S. Lewis, Lee Strobel, and Frank Morison.)

The chain of inferences goes something like this:
1. The Bible should be interpreted like any other set of historic documents.
2. Using these interpretation methods we find internal and external evidence that the Bible is highly reliable relative to other sources.
3. Specifically, using the Bible and external sources we find it highly reliable that Jesus existed and was killed for claiming to be God, among other reasons; we also find evidence showing it unlikely that he was not insane or lying; we also find historical evidence for a resurrection that is not easily answered by alternative hypotheses.
4. DYOC.

Honest skeptics do not reduce the argument to ad hominem on an organization or to a sweeping generalization about the veracity of the alleged eyewitnesses. I trust you'll let us know where your conclusions lie. Thanks for listening.

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