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Thank's growing for

Thank's growing for sure, right here in America now. That really scares the crap out of me because so many people are asleep at the wheel and have not a clue.

After watching this video twice, I have come to a conclusion:

Funding, implementing, and promoting the ideology of socialism is more deadly than any atomic bomb. Want to totally destroy and take over a country? Give them socialism and a despot. An ideology can be much more deadly than a nuclear weapon, or Stealth bomber.

The bankers funded Hitler, Mao, Lenin....and now they totally control Germany, China and Russia.

Socialism is a weapon of the elite. They use it to destroy and takeover. And I think we all know America's next on their chop block. That's why the bankers funded a tool to screw America and totally takeover our country.

Socialism kills. The Marxist ideology is perhaps the most brutal and efficient killing machine the world has ever seen, and it's starting to show in America today. Poverty, and government dependence is starting to show its ugly dead head.

When 140 million people are dependent upon a government check, what happens when the lifeline is cut off?

Violence and revolution.

Same recipe, same cooks...same results.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.