Comment: By 1860 US gunboat diplomacy

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By 1860 US gunboat diplomacy

had joined that of other "great" European powers in accessing Chinese markets. The collective Western message was quite clear: let us do as we please or we will shell your cities, your temples, your government offices and trade houses, your ports, your harbors and all within.

Since the last emporer's ministry was too busy looting the nation to really care, most responses came from the streets and the student castes. Buddhist conservative armies would try to harry foreigners, various rebellions such as the Boxer Rebellion tried to curb the flood of opium-fueled control of foreign nations. Various leaders like general Chian Kai Shek tried to establish a rebublic but major war was soon in their laps. And we all knew what followed with Mao.

But Chinese people have a deeper sense of "patriotism" than we do, basically as we know it, it's a Han thing. It's beyond national pride, it's cultural pride and they measure their culture in terms of thousands of years, not hundreds. And they have very long memories.

So. While your average Chinese is very friendly towards Americans and very curious, they would fight us if they perceived it to be necessary to their sovereignty and hegemony of their region. And they will fight to win. And they view this to be inevitable.

So right now they are fighting this war. It's not when, it's happening now on various levels. This is it's early stages playing out on a very globalized and information rich backdrop.

With our elites strengthening them and weakening us each and every day.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.