Comment: Perfect timing. My son will

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Perfect timing. My son will

Perfect timing.

My son will enter high school next fall, so this summer is perfect for taking the high school prep class they're offering now. And, even though, I don't see us going back to full-time homeschooling, I love that Paul has gotten this group together to offer parents more choices. And cheap!

We can use them to amend our kids' education, adding a summer class or two. We can swap out a semester or year here and there with Paulcurriculum. And, if problems develop in regular school, we know there is a cheap and (I'm betting) quality alternative.

I'm especially impressed reading "Here Is What Makes the Ron Paul Curriculum Unique" ( with the apprenticeship focus. My husband and I have been interested in an apprenticeship approach to learning for a couple of years. (In fact we just sent our son off for his first short apprenticeship-style learning experience -- two weeks working as a volunteer legislative aid for a state senator.) Our plan has been to work more extensive apprenticeships into his high school years. So I'm overjoyed to see Paul's curriculum focusing on this.

From the website: "If a student finishes high school at (say) 16 or 17, then it's time to find a mentor who will apprentice the high school graduate locally. The student gets a technical skill that has a market."

I'm also excited that the curriculum promises to rely on primary sources rather than textbooks and to use blogging and created youtubes as core to the writing and speaking practice. I will likely get a year's subscription just to check out how well they're actually applying their ideas and to have access for supplementing my son's public school education.

Kudos to Paul and his team for getting this underway -- and the price! The combination of this and MIT's free online content and Hillsdale and Khan...well, it's only getting easier and cheaper for parents to take charge of their kids' education.

Many thanks to Paul and Woods and the rest of the team.