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So is this website...

And the entire digital realm in which we spend so much time and many trillions of dollars of transactions are conducted each year. If I order a product on the internet, it's not "real" until it hits my hands, yet I put full faith in the fact that it is and it's going to get to me when I pay for it online.

The only thing that secondary utility gets an asset is a secondary value, which just makes the probability of other human beings considering it to be valuable that much higher.

Bitcoins' strengths are gold's weaknesses, and vice versa. Gold REQUIRES a central depository to facilitate rapid exchanges outside of your immediate geographical region. This is a point of corruptibility and weakness. Bitcoins does not. Bitcoins can be destroyed. Gold cannot. Both are scarce. Both are valued by individual human beings making economic decisions about their own lives, and both are given value voluntarily by those people, not by fiat/decree/legislation.

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Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee. - Ludwig Von Mises.