Comment: i.e. A Godless Secular Heaven on Earth

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i.e. A Godless Secular Heaven on Earth

It's there moment in history, and they are coming out of the closet -the red dope diaper babies (communist)
The paradigm shift is progressing and has reached momentum today. There can be no freedom in this "New World Order" because freedom is a function of people who can self police,restrained by conscience and not the sword of the State. In other word freedom is a function of a moral people. Case in point; freedom of religion is incompatible with gay rights. If gays are to have special rights as homosexual individuals. (homosexuals are already afforded the same rights as individuals) then you can not have freedom of conscience - freedom of religion. people of faith, whatever faith, Christian, Muslim, Orthodox Judaic faith, this are the new anti-thesis of "New World Order" NWO being the thesis. This in fact is what politicians mean when they talk about NWO and it really is a "brave new Orwellian world" described in dystopian novels. So if you are a patriot, believe in the constitution, are moral and go to church with your family, you are the new enemy of the state, you are holding back the progress of mankind with you lower level thought patterns. You are in effect a Neanderthal according to them "New World" communist progressives.