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I am not offended....

I am just rigid in my position that I do not have to support "abortion rights" or "gay rights" in order to be for Liberty!

The libertarians, at the organized level, HATE my Christian-derived definitive positions; they worry about guys like me "shoving my theocratic morality down everybody's throat", whereas my positions are clearly consistent with our founding morals, and, in a true Republican government setting these are the values I want exemplified and encouraged nor threatened by parent government where I plant my flag and raise my family.

Republicans are being told to cave on these issues, and they are for political expediency; libertarians are kinda being invited into their "big tent" and these are already their positions...seems like the left has won, but, at the end of the day; if it wasn't for the Federal Reserve printing press, the easy credit, and the wholesale abandonment of Biblical principles regarding handling money by professing Christians in the first place, we wouldn't be here.

I wanna see if these biblical principles would benefit them nation if professing Christians in representative government VOLUNTARILY practiced them; I think they would(that's why they tout them when they run for office), if they are going to now openly position themselves against biblical principles on the social issues as professing Christians, they surely can't be trusted with the nation's checkbook.

You can't get elected to public office in America if you're not a professing this won't change anytime soon, I've decided to expose this exhibition of personal compromise, for political purposes, as the reason this nation continues its downward spiral...and I really don't care if libertarians think we've evolved and progressed beyond these foundational morals, and they reject me and lump me with "authoritarian neo-con hypocrites", I still get a vote, I'm still an INDIVIDUAL, and these are the weighty restraints I want my representatives to impose upon themselves as they consider how much Liberty I should be given to govern myself...I would expect them to set a moral example as my representative, and if they support positions that threaten innocent life, can result in a confiscation of my property for anything other than our REAL national interedenyists, I consider them unqualified for public office based on what this nation achieved when our money and our moral reputation was SOUND.

Gary Johnson it says, is a "non practicing Lutheran"; does he want the church to adopt his positions, or, is he denying, denouncing, or discounting Christ's words and the pure the Gospel Martin Luther turned Europe upside down for?