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would i deserve my rights,

would i deserve my rights, those rights i withold from others

Are we all so different, that we can not find common ground

Generalization of an entire nation, doesnt quite feel like.....mmmmmm, whats the word im looking for.........oh thats right.......liberty

If you have knowledge and links to information you feel is pertinent, please do share, but please, dont generalise an entire nation, thats how inocent people become victims, if there are those who should be shone a torch on, be specific, as i can only speak for myself, the reason i dont comment on any kind of china topic, is because ive heard how the "whole" of china is suppose to be bad, from random people, but nobody seems to want to "prove" their reasons for their comments by posting "credible" links (im not implying there are no credible ones out there, just putting an enthisis on unquestionable facts, and yes, depending on situation and what it is you are looking for, yes, unquestionable facts are out there, say for instance, if what you want proven is a comment someone said, someone else said, but not proven until you see the actual video proving the someone did indeed say that something.......something so simple, but could mean the difference between false accusation and or downright lies)......i generally tend to think, if ive not seen it with my own eyes, then im in no postion to form a definigive opinion

maybe then, you wont sound like you hate a nation full of people, which to be honest, doesnt, ... quite feel like .....mmmmmm.....whats the word im looking for..............

In the spirit of honesty, a say this with some hesitation, not because i agree with generalisation of a nation, but because, semi hotted discussions is something i dont need, so ill just say this
Say it, but i dont have to like it