Comment: I've got a news flash for you, CRAZY ASS joe...

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I've got a news flash for you, CRAZY ASS joe...

what you do best is NOT lead!

What you do best, mr. vice-puppet and shoe shine BOY for the zionist cabal, is further the zionist agenda, at the expense of Freedom, Liberty, and ALL that America has fought and died for...and that sucks, for now.

When zionism is exposed for the nazism that it is, the people will reject this global elitist and his criminal cohorts and send them scurrying, like the RATS they are, into the depths of hell.

Your, and the previous 30 years, "leadership" has not only weakened this country to the point of UNBELIEVABLE failure but it has caused Americans to be hated and despised throughout the world.

This did not happen because Americans like you and I, dear reader, made the decisions to burn, torture, and kill innocents across the globe but it did happen because we turned a blind eye to it.


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