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Ok, after reading over that,

Ok, after reading over that, I can tell you exactly whats wrong and why it didnt take off.
First, I mention funding levels. There should be more of these! There should have been levels all the way up to the cost of a full system! And the full system level should have included, as its name suggests, a full system delivered to the person who paid that much; the first few being discounted by a bit meaning people see they are saving money by being early buyers. That donate $100 get a discount is not a good method by itself.
Second, even though it was written out that it was being developed for years, there were no example pictures or videos of a prototype in action. People NEED to see this sort of thing. Even if they were cg, multiple cg pictures showing the system is better than a single ambiguous picture at the top.
Third, the way that was written struck me as people simply asking for money with not really any deliverables to those that donated. This is very important. If someone cant tell that its going to benefit them in some way, they are very probably not going to want to give you their hard earned money.
The best campaigns are indeed those that have flash to them, that is just the fact of it. It doesnt have to be fake flash, but it does have to grab peoples attention and make them say 'hey, thats cool'.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.