Comment: I've listened to this twice, and I still don't fully get what he

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I've listened to this twice, and I still don't fully get what he

is saying...

The couple times I thought he was going to get it, Alex interrupted him, and then there was a commercial at 15:00.

I can tell he's got info, but he talks in a winding, meandering way that makes my mind wander as well, so I have to keep rewinding. And now we're at another commercial.

This is what I gather:

N. Korea is obviously not able to launch nuclear missiles on the US. So there is no need for the US to take this threat seriously.

N. Korea is a puppet of China. China's economy is a paper dragon. On the other hand, Korea is going like gangbusters - it is the "new Japan," as AJ called it. This is troublesome probably both for China and the US (my take). China is behind N. Korea making the noise. The N. Korean leader is incompetent. China's new leader is incompetent. The US should just ignore N. Korea's threat, but instead, sending the bombers over there shows our leadership's incompetence.

War being the health of the state, China, us, N. Korea and S. Korea all stand to gain something from the crisis, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. The US playing brinksmanship isn't helping...

On the other hand, if the global economy truly is on the brink of collapse, this is the perfect point to start another war. Get it all messy and confused, then light off a bomb: "No one knows who fired the first shot..."

Seoul is only 30 miles from the DMZ. A war there would easily put Kia, Hyundai, and Samsung back in their places.

What did I miss?

He's the man.