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Yes, I read it.

The term Intellectual Property is a "pattern" of words, albeit only 2 words.

Phrases in the English Language are "patterns" of words.

Speaking a sentence in English is making a "pattern" of words.

And what does it matter whether the words are in "patterns" or not?

Use of words whether in "patterns" or alone, does not exclude others from using them, and they are not scarce as they can be consumed inexhaustibly.

Ideas can be used by multiple people at the same time without excluding others from using them.

In economics, a good is considered either rivalrous (rival) or nonrival. A rival (subtractable) good is a good whose consumption by one consumer prevents simultaneous consumption by other consumers.

Use of Ideas do not prevent others from simultaneously using them.

We can both posses the same idea simultaneously without preventing the other from doing so.

As for scarcity, Ideas are not scarce, because they are an inexhaustible resource.

Scarcity means an inadequate supply to meet demand.

An idea has an infinite supply, even if every single person on the face of the Earth were to use it simultaneously, there would never be a higher demand than there is a supply of the idea, it cannot be exhausted.

It is not destroyed by its consumption, in fact it is duplicated.

Thus, as an idea is not a scarce good, and use of an idea does not exclude it's use by others, it is not property.

"Ideas – recipes, formulas, statements, arguments, algorithms, theorems, melodies, patterns, rhythms, images, etc. – are certainly goods (insofar as they are good, not bad, recipes, etc.), but they are not scarce goods. Once thought and expressed, they are free, inexhaustible goods. I whistle a melody or write down a poem, you hear the melody or read the poem and reproduce or copy it. In doing so you have not taken anything away from me. I can whistle and write as before. In fact, the entire world can copy me and yet nothing is taken from me. (If I didn’t want anyone to copy my ideas I only have to keep them to myself and never express them." - Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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