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Comment: It would be good to have Ron Paul Democrats

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It would be good to have Ron Paul Democrats

so I hope you're putting that into practice yourself.

But when it comes to your claim about party affiliation, it is not true that "nearly half of eligible voters" would discount you simply for partisan reasons. You seem to be thinking in national numbers, but even with that, registered voters are roughly 60-70% of all people "eligible" to vote, Democrat registration is less than 40% of that and not all registered Democrats nation-wide are partisans.

Have you ever run for a partisan office before, Velveeta?

I have, twice in fact, and, even in heavily Democrat districts, Democrat voters didn't "discount my message purely because of Republican Party affiliation".

Perhaps you're only thinking about a Presidential or state-wide race, but if that's all we do, the liberty movement will never succeed in changing anything in our country. It's easier to overcome built-in partisanship with more local campaigns, where the candidate can meet the voters face to face more often. The more personal contact with voters during a campaign, the easier it is to counter any blind partisanship.

When I talked to voters I didn't lead out with "I'm a Republican", which would be idiotic anyway. I campaigned at local non-partisan meetings before both party's primaries and people assumed that I was a Democrat without even asking. They simply asked me about my ideas and positions instead. People were focused on what's important and I was able to change minds on some things, or at least be respected for principled consistency by those who disagreed.

Some people that liked me might later asked my party affiliation, but it didn't change their opinion of me. It prevented only the ultra partisan from being willing to go "all out" for my campaign, like setting up a fundraiser or endorsing me in the voter's guide. Even Democrats were willing to sign my petition sheets to get into the voter's pamphlet for free, too, even when they knew that I was a Republican.

I changed a lot of minds on the issues that matter, even though I didn't win the elections.