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Comment: Stockholm Syndrome: An idea

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Stockholm Syndrome: An idea

An idea in the mind is like a living heart that gives us strength; the strength to follow it in the face of any and all adversity. But what if the idea is not good and now you have the strength to follow its ultimate end? What if the idea is actually masked as good but is something dark. Could you be convinced not to follow it, if so how? With a better idea? But how if confirmation bias builds on an idea you have adopted (or less likely have originated); what they call cognitive dissonance. Could you overcome and become unconquered by an idea? If it is true what Victor Hugo said, that ideas are more powerful than any standing army, then what are the chances of becoming an unconquered strength? For the majority it is not likely and that is the problem. Probably not so good for the minority, the smallest of which is the individual.