Comment: The last I heard, China leads the world in trade surpluses.

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The last I heard, China leads the world in trade surpluses.

They have built huge "ghost cities" with brand new facilities devoid of people. China built an H-bomb in 1967, Russia in 1953, when both countries where described with the same degree of ridicule as South Korea presently is. Do not forget, we have been hearing about the horrible conditions in Cuba nearly as long as we have been hearing about them in North Korea, yet the Castro brothers still prevail.

Dr. Pieczenik may be correct in his analysis, as he is worried about North Korea simply collapsing South Korea with the burden of its people. However, the Koreas have wanted to unite for 60 plus years. I think Dr. Pieczenik is being misleading by describing the problems of North Korea and China without discussing our own serious problems; such as China being able to implode our economy by simply calling in our debt. Also, in every other period leading up to war, the US government could count on the misplaced patriotism of the American people. Most must conveniently forget that nearly as many Russians fought with Hitler against Stalin as fought with him.

I still see an end-game here, with China and Russia seeing the opportunity to bring down the West; it matters not whether the ICBM with the nuke warhead is of North Korean or Chinese invention. The results will be the same.