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Comment: OK michealwiseguy I will try! Bare with me, OK?

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OK michealwiseguy I will try! Bare with me, OK?

The natural order of things is that the big fish eat the little fish ad infinitum!
Back in time, we had an area that was "ours", until a bigger, stronger tribe came along, ....from territory, to county, from county, to countries,from countries to empires to.....nah, not world! We know from every cartoon we saw as kids, that the "evil ones" that wanted World Domination were as mad as hatters. It could never happen....But it is! And it is happening now!
On this forum there is talk of a One World Government, a New World Order.
What we don't see is that the NWO slips through at the bottom level, education and local government. You will always have "elections", School boards, local councils, state representatives, congressmen, presidents... without realizing that these people have been SELECTED to be ELECTED.
And too damn right the Rothchilds et el do it because they can!
Go watch Bugs Life mate. There goes subliminal messaging for the masses!