Comment: I don't know why people like

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I don't know why people like

I don't know why people like Melissa Harris-Perry, Joe Biden, Obama, the Rothschild's family, David Rockefeller and family, Henry Kissinger, et al are trying to Will this Hellish New World Order into existence for us. Is it just because they think they can?

Is there someone here who can explain this to me?

Someone needs to explain this whole collectivist shit to us and where these people are coming from. They've been using the psychological "Double Entendre" language on us with "Climate Change", "Global Warming", "Sustainable Development", "Smart Growth" Agenda 21 language with hidden meanings in those terms for so long, they think they can brainwash all of us with that language. For what purpose? Did they really think they were going to get away with it?

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