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cabbage or CABG?

An expected part of aging in Western societies is to have the arteries feeding your heart, brain, legs, and penis close down by atherosclerosis. Yet these problems are almost never found in populations of people who follow a diet low in animal-derived and processed foods, such as those living in rural Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. The matter that clogs the arteries is living tissue (not concrete) and therefore, can heal given the right environment. To clean up your arteries (reverse atherosclerosis), a very low-fat, no-cholesterol diet must be followed strictly. Immediate benefits, such as relief of chest pains (angina) and tolerance for more exercise, are seen within days. Heart surgery fails to prolong life in the vast majority of people and is fraught with serious side effects, including permanent brain damage – don't go this route unless you have no other choice.