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So let Me get this straight

So let Me get this straight the Deep Water Horizon burned for 36 hours before it sunk and the towers burned 18 minutes before they fell? Why did the Horizon burn for 36 hours while the towers only burned for 18 minutes? It can't be the amount of fuel because the horizon had a almost unlimited source of oil and gas coming up through the hole. So please explain it to me because I am having a hard time with the lies You tell Yourself so You can feel good in the morning...

You fail to realize that man is fundamentally flawed and evil. You never have to teach a child to steal or be selfish while on the other hand You do have to teach them to be honest. That is the one thing that Liberals like You fail to realize. As long as people make up government the government will always have tyranny. So take Your government loving arse and keep kissing the jack boots but please stop calling skeptics idiots.