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I understand your sentiment

but it is far from being the same thing. Palestinians live in shambles in very crowded communities in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The domiciles generally have electricity but may or may not having running water. Needless to say that they are probably no more than three room domiciles.... very meager. That is not what they are complaining about. When the Israeli government decides that it is going to expand and start building settlements it will annex parts of what Palestinians currently occupy, block it off, bulldoze it and build lavish domiciles (by Palestinian standards) to be occupied by Israelis. The Palestinians are at that point displaced from their homes and are never allowed to return to the place where there home once was because the Israelis control Palestinian movement in and out of Israel. Please do not miss understand me. I am not a Palestinian apologist. This is a very complex situation and I don't think that anybody's hands are clean. These kinds of situations do not fit the description of the immigration issue we face here thank god but these thing do happen all over the world and there is not much that any single or multiple government can necessarily do about it. But there is one thing that I do know... I don't want my tax dollars going oversees to subsidize it. Here is a video in six parts if you would like to watch... a little light weekend watching. I would say that it has a Palestinian slant but no more than the Israeli slant that is fed to us by the MSM.