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Thnx for the input

I agree with all your suggestions. Most have been tried though. For example, I did have a more detailed description in the online fundraiser and I got tremendous negative feedback. And without knowing final costs and timeframes, I had a hard time in the decision to not go to the pre-sale funding level. The discounting wasn't a problem because there's lots of cost reduction, through automation, room in there. I just wasn't confident enough in the results (would it produce 2 kW or 20 kW?) to know what the outcome would be.

Pictures would have been a detriment to it. We're doing this work in greasy, dirt floor shops with tons of junk laying around. It's basically a shoestring operation so far because of budget. I didn't have any CG stuff done (I do now) but anything beyond showing what looks like a propane tank would have given away the entire concept so my IP would tank.

I remember taking the plunge into that foray. I was incredibly frustrated that an investor had strung us along for 8 months and then walked because we wouldn't give him everything he wanted. I remember feeling like if the freakin' world wants cheap and clean energy so bad, surely offering it them would get enough people to donate to the cause. After all, what are there, around 50 million people who would really want this to hit the market while art, movies and schools get tons of donations. Naive thinking, I know but it is what it is now.

As far as the 'flash' goes. I tried. I spent the entire 45 days of the fundraiser working with an individual who promised to take a few pics and turn them into a video presentation that would 'knock the socks off' it'viewers. That cost me more than the $600 I eventually took in. Such is the story of my last 10+ years.

You might want to view the post I just added related to this topic. Kind of ranting but IMHO, it's pretty informative to those unaware of where the tech side of the world stands. See it at:

I look forward to your comments there as well. Cheers, Todd.