Comment: Steve Pieczenik has got to be one of the scariest dudes alive;

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Steve Pieczenik has got to be one of the scariest dudes alive;

just glad he's on 'our side'... at least I hope...

A guy who is a product of the OSS-mentors who established and ran the entire Cold-War & Black Ops world, Ivy League trained PhD & MD, who deposed foreign leaders, the original "Color-Revolution coup" artist, literally wrote the book on PsyOps, a real-world hostage negotiator for truly high profile international cases which people only read about nowadays, know too many military intel personnel from across the world to list, who has from Day 2 of 9/11 declared that "9/11 was an Inside Job," and "OBL is already dead!" with pedigree to back it up.

He's the guy that John Perkins, of the 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman'-fame warned about: he's the guy they send in, just before sending in "the Jackals."

Can you imagine what a guy with his connections still in the military intel/civilian-spook/private mercenary world with an able and loyal group of former SPECOPS team on his side could do to America (and the world), if he actually wanted to?


For all the deluge of propaganda we're drowning in, day in and day out 24/7 from the Ruling Class and their delusional sycophantic sociopathic nerd herd of MSM lemmings and the official DoD propaganda about the 'greatness' of their state-craft, we all know that on the most part, it's all BS.

The current progeny of evil are IMO a combination of delusion, bravado, mass exaggeration & embellishments, mixed with the most dangerous combination of Statist schizophrenia: a cycle of supreme arrogance, and supreme inferiority complex, with almost every publicly visible action a compensatory act of z-grade Machiavellian puff-buffoonery for both.

They're a bunch of spoiled, rotten, delusional buffoons; like most of the 3rd gen progeny of those who actually had their evil souls forged through the crucible of actual hardships, real enemies and real conquests, and lessons of history, unfortunately (or fortunately if you're us) the Progeny of Evil always predictably become decadent, without the link to actual actions of life accomplishments.

Even the Ruling Class themselves who once knew full well of the fact that they were actively and intentionally lying to us 'mere peons,' after awhile as they've lied to themselves for so long to keep the charade going, they've begun to drink their own Kool-Aid to the point of indistinguishable fiction.

The current Progeny of Evil seem to be simply operating on fumes of their truly evil and capable progenitors; just as America itself is now purely running on the last remaining fumes of the wealth of a once great nation built on maximum freedoms enjoyed by anyone in the recently recorded human epoch.

Well, Pieczenik is perhaps the last generation of the truly capable Coup d'État artists, last of the real Cold War warriors; if his heart was not in the right side of history, he's one of the few alive (at least ones who went public) with the capability, know-how and connections to be able to do major, major, harm and disruptions to the direction of history's trajectory.


I pray he's a 'good guy' deep down, despite his spook background. But really, ain't it always prudent to be vigilant of coup artists? No?

I've met a few 'State Dept.'-types in my day from my time living in NYC and Baltimore, MD/DC-metro, but no one with this guy's level of actual real-world experience, background and connections; he's literally 'one of those guys' that people only read about, and don't want to cross... he's possibly more deadlier than a Mex Cartel Consigliere or even a SPECOPS combat veteran; he's the guy who designs the plans, for the planners...

you guys know he's been doing his own podcasts, as of late? Haven't heard him promote it much, even though he's been on AJ's show several times already, this year alone:

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul