Comment: Just a few more thoughts....

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Just a few more thoughts....

OK so....have to admit, radar was up and I clicked on the link. The intro referred to water and I wanted to find out what kind of water, where it's coming from, what our relationship to it will be and how we will act.

Plus this is not just one prophecy again. A LOT of us are having this and continuing prophecies. They are similar enough to where we feel pretty absolutely dang sure we're seeing the same thing.

1. It's always water on the land. Not from the sky.

2. It's moving in one direction. It's a wave or a river or a tsunami or a very large amount of water headed DOWNSTREAM.

3. This water will sweep away all that we know.

4. Do not attempt to resist the water but rather go with it.

Point 4 is the action directive that is never absent. The fact that I will tell you how to act in water is not only EXACTLY AS I WAS TOLD but it happens to be EXACTLY THE WAY WE TELL YOU HOW TO SHOOT RAPIDS WHEN YOU FALL OUR OF YOUR WHITEWATER RAFTING ADVENTURE TRIP is I think the traditional blending of our wisdom with our land. They are always one and the same or so interconnected as to be effectively so (at an engineering level).

Note that in the above I did not issue the prophecy, I just told you 4 pointers I used to test it. Besides it's "flow" and language which was kinda indeterminate but in this case it supports my basic evaluation.

And no, we don't usually get so ANALYTICAL about prophecy. It sorta matches up or it doesn't. And I guess I'd leave you folks with a CAUTION.

See before internet, this stuff wasn't something you heard unless you had kinda qualified yourself and that's a process that only happens through time and ACTUAL PERSONAL CONTACT. Often we are literally living with the people we share with for days and weeks. Occasionally months and seasons. For noviciates this could be years. Literally years in training. So you'd have this huge CONtEXT to put things in and various smell-tests and a framework of action and perhaps most of all GUIDANCE. From a real living elder that sees you in daily life as well as spiritual duties.

On the internet everything and anything can get tied back to reptilians from the Pliedes system and sunspots and Mayan Calendar which suddenly lost it's appeal is the spiritual freak football of the day but REMAINS AS VALID AS IT EVER WAS.

My advice? Until the water comes, KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND. That way you will be able to tell what is ungrounded. Now if you don't know how to get your feet on the ground, that isn't something I can tell you on the internet. Again.

For some things you have to be here. And if that's what you feel you need, that's one of the services we can offer.

Oh yeah and don't all charge out and start buying rafts. Honestly, this wave, this river, this thing, honestly? Will it be actual H20? Part of me kinda doubts that. Prophecy puts into words what it "sees". Is this whole thing allegorical? I'll tell you with 100% certainty that there's every CHANCE it will be something other than molecules of two oxygen, one hydrogen. We're telling you how it's gonna ACT and what you can ACT WITH.

Hope that helps.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.