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I'm one of those armed squatters

Hey Ron -

Israel settler here. First, I'd be glad to get the Israeli government out of my business. I can defend myself. Unfortunately, they don't let me.

There's a tray of eggs in my fridge I bought at Nebe Elias, an arab village 5 minutes from me. I bought them there because they're cheaper, unregulated, and better, and bigger.

If anything, the government tries to disarm me. We're not ethnically cleansing anybody. We're trying to live in our land as unobtrusively as possible.

It's the israeli government that's pissing everybody off. As far as I'm concerned all their sites can be torn down forever for all I care.

If Anonymous really wanted to hurt Israel, they'd go after the sites of Israeli businesses like seekingalpha or TEVA or something. Apparently they're too stupid and they're busy tearing down inconsequential sites that nobody visits like information on the Israeli court system for about 10 seconds before security catches up.