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yeah that's better branding.

the smudge of approval. lols.

There's this cantankerous old patriot curmudgeon of an inventor I know who also has this ability to just turn on the love and put you in a bubble bath. For years I have called him Uncle Henry because he just so fits into my whole tribal construct and one day he sent me a pic of himself that somebody took. He said he was going for a "look of bemused incredulity" and this pic, he's not only my Uncle Henry, he's like THE WHOLE WORLD'S UNCLE HENRY. One look, bam, that's your uncle, you know it, you know him, you always have and if you didn't now you do.

Kind of like Santa Claus but more palpable and believable.

So for the heck of it I throw his mug up on my food website and put a blurb beneath it, "This Website Is Quality Certified By Uncle Henry".

Now to make a long story longer, one of my initial things with the content of the food book was an experiment in viral marketing and the experiment was simply to find out if content can still win. I piled up the info, threw up like one or two links and just kicked back to wait and see if the world would beat a path to the door of good info.

It did to a very modest but steady effect but the point being I knew I could search for certain key strings to find if the content was being duplicated and I knew that nobody but nobody in the whole universe had the string "quality certified by uncle henry" so that's what I searched for.

I was surprised to find some folks took that brand seriously. "here's some good info, it's certified by uncle henry".

Yeah wow. We just invented a brand. Snapped my fingers and shebang. You know sometimes when I pull these experiments, I learn little things like that...all technique, all mastry, all art and all science still cannot compete with the image of everybody's archetypal Uncle Henry. Know what it teaches me?

That you still want one. An Uncle Henry. You miss family. Know what else I know? And I'm gonna have to drop character for a moment to do this but I know why, in spite of the fact that I keep saying I'm mostly white and that most of my native thing comes from training and not blood, folks keep saying "Smudge is an indian". I know why you loved Russel Means and I know why your hearts leap for joy the first time you hear about Free Lakota Bank and Lakota Nation.

I know why, do you?

So anyways, let's keep the Smudge Of Approval between us. That's a family thang. If Smudge Pot every gains any credibility beyond this movement I'll have lost the credibility of this movement. That moment not having arrived quite yet,

I Smudge Thee.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.