Comment: Au contraire, who is chasing who away?

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Au contraire, who is chasing who away?

Snakepit22 framed the discussion by making over a dozen accusatory “you” statements and invited retaliation, Psychology 101.

Regarding your stated, …”well-intentioned but embarassing (correct spelling is embarrassing) not to be trusted with responsibility,” Snakepit22 apologized to Michael Nystrom and stated, “In any case, I again apologize for my rant. I realize it did nobody any good except for myself.” Snakepit22 took responsibility for the ensuing
aftermath for what one could argue is in the worst or least valued post category via the -106 down votes. You attribute such a number to truthers’ use of “mob tactics.” That is a very pejorative description of what is really going on. As long as debunkers denigrate and taunt truthers in the manner of this kind of post, you can expect the reprimands, counter punches and down votes to continue.

You stated, “The years have not been kind to the standard of discourse here.” Neither you nor I have been a DPr long enough to make a judgment on that (in your case one year 5 months, and mine one year 6 months).